3WM is an accronym for the Three Wise Monkeys. You know, the little chimps who are each covering a sense with their hands: I don’t see anything, I don’t say anything, I don’t hear anything.

Not really clever monkeys, right? Well that’s where we come in! Our monkeys use their hands to improve all communication means: Seeing further, listening better and making themselves heard.

But if you don’t really like this acronym, you can always come up with a better one. We are open to suggestions, even silly ones!

We represent our clients as if it was our own brand.


At 3WM, we strive for the perfect pitch. We hope it’s music to your ears

We have a natural and genuine approach towards media. No ambiguity. Our goal is to systematically provide media and your audience with captivating information and worthy news.


At 3WM, we are on a mission

3WM was founded with a simple mission in mind: To offer all companies – whether they are start-ups, SMEs or global companies – a personalised service in media relations and communications. Our goal is to improve your visibility and profitability by creating and implementing an innovative and efficient PR strategy tailored to your needs.


At 3WM, we have a clear vision

Our intention is to revolutionise the relationship between brands and media, and create a relationship that is satisfactory for both parties by providing objective, qualitative and original messages.

We’re professional but fun, unconventional but goal oriented.


Same values. All different.. Values are essential. They define and shape your identity. They make your brand unique. If you can relate to our values, you are in good hands.


Our agency was born from years of passion in media relations and communications. This is what makes us jump out of bed in the morning (and usually keeps us awake late at night).  This is how we were able to develop a durable relationship with media, based on mutual trust.


When we are pitching on behalf of our clients, we’re not just talking about any other brand, product or service: We ARE our clients, imbue media with the same passion, expertise and philosophy. We make every effort to understand who you are and how you work, so we can genuinely represent you.


All of our clients are important. We fulfil our commitments, we work within deadlines and we represent you in the most professional way.


Our media colleagues are like our clients, treated with respect for their editorial integrity. We won’t throw a monkey wrench in the works!

Enjoying what we do is an obvious prerequisite (or is it a luxury?). In order to represent you in the best way, and share our contagious energy, we make our working environment a good place for creativity, and we take humour very seriously! Did we hear ‘funny as a barrel of monkeys’? We hope so!