3WM, the boutique agency with a client mindset

Entrusting your brand communication to an external PR isn’t an easy decision: Your reputation and your business are at stake.

When working with 3WM, you are dealing with people who were previously in YOUR shoes.

We believe that understanding your environment, your positioning, your USPs and objectives is critical to being able to represent you with authenticity.

3WM Communications offers brand, product and service promotion towards B2B media.

Whether you need to communicate to your audience directly or through media, our savoir-faire allows us to enhance your brand visibility, improve your message impact and maximise your return on investment.


Watching is easy. Seeing is a different story. Before we give our recommendation, we scrutinise your industry and look at the competition. Our strategic recommendation also takes into account your long term vision. Now, that’s far from being short sighted.


Want to be heard? We are listening, not only to you, but also your market. Communications can’t be efficient if you’re not listening to the market, as well as your needs and concerns. 3WM gives you a heads up by being your spokesman.


Making noise doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be heard. We help you rise above the marketing and PR hubbub by giving you the tools so you stand out from the crowd.

  • Press Releases (key events, product or services, launches, corporate announcements)
  • Branding: Mission statements, vision, values
  • Case Studies
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Crisis communications (just FYI, preparing is always easier than repairing…)
  • Interviews and speaking opportunities (TV, Radio, print)
  • Definition of PR strategy and positioning 
  • Brand reputation
  • Advertising placement (we negotiate the best rates so you don’t have to) 
  • We distribute your communications and handle the follow up 
  • We initiate, develop and maintain relationships with targeted media
  • Trade show support
  • Support with products and services launch
  • Media trips

« Sure, no problem, we can do that! » … How many times did you hear that before experiencing utter disappointment at the result? Pretending to be an expert when you’re not one is counter-productive AND costly. This is why we work with the best people in their fields:

  • Video creation and motion design
  • Photoshoots (corporate portraits, live events, installations)
  • Website development and referencing
  • Audio creation and brand sonic identity
  • Translation work (to and from English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian)
  • Sensorial marketing (money has no smell, but a brand does!)