Absen is a Chinese manufacturer of high quality LED displays and LED lighting products, and is renowned for its global presence, full-service capability and high quality products for live broadcasting, rental and staging. Through continuous innovation and development, Absen is the undisputed number one exporter of LED out of China. Absen LED has a presence in 117 countries and has been successfully installed in over 6000 projects worldwide. With 1200 employees, Absen is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Absen was looking for a PR agency sympathetic to its needs and philosophy, to further improve its reputation on the European market. The LED manufacturer established a European HQ near Frankfurt in 2013, and was looking at improving communications with the development of application stories to reflect the exciting projects that Absen is regularly involved in and increase participation in industry Awards. On top of that Absen was keen to implement an advertising strategy.


3WM started to develop corporate and business announcements (sales, new products, tradeshow participation) and get the brand to participate in various leading industry awards, both as a sponsor and as a participant. 3WM contacted the main Absen distributors and clients to identify interesting applications for application stories.


Since beginning the relationship with Absen in February 2015, 3WM has implemented an advertising strategy which supports media relations and strengthens the awareness and reputation of the brand in Europe. developed at least one press release a month, in order to get the company in the news on a regular basis. As a result, Absen scores on average 15+ articles each month. Absen has already won a product award and is now regularly shortlisted in leading European awards.

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